Software Overview

The Diamond Draft software is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool which assists the user in researching, drafting and managing a fantasy baseball team more successfully.
This drag and drop program allows the user to assemble his own fantasy team by moving a player from the Major League Baseball roster to the user's individually customized team. Customized team and player information is automatically updated as players are selected or replaced.

In addition, this program has many additional features that can enhance the management of the user's fantasy team.
For example: users can drag and drop a player to a new position on league teams. They can also move a player from the active to the reserve squad and back.

An integrated database containing statistics for every major league baseball player and all top minor leaguers populates the program.
Therefore, player information and notes can be easily updated. Player information can also be sorted in multiple ways by simply clicking the column heading. Then, the user can view selected player information by individual player, position, eligibility and more.

Finally, reports can be created and printed based on current league information. All player or team information is instantly accessible and can be retrieved within seconds.

Below is a more detailed overview of the main features:

League Setup Feature - This feature sets up the league requirements including league name, team names, position requirements, unit values and MLB teams.

Overview Feature - This feature gives the user a quick overview for all teams in the league and the current statistics for each team. Every active player in his proper position for each league team is displayed. With a simple glance, the user can determine how to compare his team with the rest of the league.

Draft Feature - This feature provides a spreadsheet for every player. This view allows the user to easily select a player from the list and assign him to a team in his league. The player is automatically assigned to a valid position and all other views are then updated. The player list can be restricted and sorted in multiple ways. For example: the user can select only non-drafted outfielders and sort by home runs within teams.

Player List Feature - This feature provides a quick view of every player by position. This view allows the user to quickly determine all available players at each position. Players can be select and assigned to a fantasy team by clicking on the players name.

Team View Feature - This feature offers the user a detailed snapshot for each league team. All player information and totals for a team can be displayed. This view can also be used to move players to new positions. Additionally, this feature allows the user to move a player between the active and reserved roster.

Edit/View Feature - This feature displays a detailed three-year history for each selected player. The user can edit the player information from this view. The user also has the ability to add new players.

Point Totals Feature - This feature displays a graph for fantasy scoring categories. It allows the user to quickly see how he compares with every other player in a graphical format.

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